Visual dashboards
- plug-and-play!

Easy and intuitive reporting for all management levels - from team lead, project and account managers, to CEO and Board of Directors.

Make the right decisions

Making the wrong decisions and acting too slow can be costly. Optimize your business and competive edge by crunching the data hidden in your ERP system.

Save time

No more spending hours and hours each month exporting to Excel, nursing the numbers and distributing to colleagues.

Get rid of ugly reports and manual Excel work

No more confusing reports and parameters, that only partly solve the requirements, and look like they are from the last century.

Designed for MAC and PC and tablet/mobile compatible.
Available anytime, anywhere!

Get an quick overview of your employees

Industry best practice

Project.BI has a large collection of predefined dashboards, built on industry best practice. We have done all the hard thinking, so you can sit back and relax, while analyzing the metrics that matter in your business.

Out of the box

20+ dashboards and 100+ widgets! Get the full picture with our predefined dashboards, with simple and interactive parameters, including valuable drill down.

Custom work

Do you have very specific requirements? No worries - if the data are there, we can build the dashboards you need!

Easy configuration

It's true - setting up Project.BI only takes a couple of hours, from sign-up to use! You can do it yourself, using our help site articles or with support from our team.

User management

Create users yourself or import them from your connection. You control which dashboards users can see with access roles.

System settings

Simple configuration of calendar and work hours. Easy mapping of Chart of Accounts. And unique key metric targets that illuminate your KPI's.

A collage of logs from related providers and intergrations, including Azure, Okta, and Google.

For the tech savvy

We are fetching data automatically in various intervals. We transform the data and store them in your own state of the art data warehouse. And finally, we've made a sweet presentation of it all in HTML5.

Cloud native

Hosted on Microsoft Azure providing the very best enterprise ready services.

Single Sign-On

We support SSO from Okta, Azure AD, Google and many others. Users can be forced to login using SSO.


Data are stored in it's own database and encrypted at rest. And all connections are encrypted.