New features!

Here’s the latest product news from Project.BI, available from January 19th.

New dashboard: “Confirmed Newbizz”

Monitor the success of bringing in more or new business and get the answer to questions like:

– Who’s bringing it in?

– What clients are confirming?

– Month over month trend

– Has previously confirmed business been cancelled?

– Are we reaching our targets?

New dashboard: “Department overview”

Everything you need to know to manage a department consolidated into one single dashboard!

Flexible setup of overhead cost categories

Project.BI is born with the following overhead cost categories: Overhead staff, Sales & Marketing, Premises, IT, and Administration. It is now possible to rename, delete, and add to these categories, and even control the order of how they display on P/L dashboards.

New dashboard: “Group net revenue”

The popular and powerful Net revenue dashboard has been made in a “Group” version for clients with multiple companies. Monitor overall revenue progression towards budget end goal and the turnover of clients throughout the entire group of legal entities.