Project.BI now supports consolidation of multiple companies and currencies!

Another important framework piece is now in place: 3 new dashboards dedicated to deliver consolidated reporting of multiple companies! Providing an easy read on total group performance and how individual companies contribute hereto – in the well-known areas of Staff-Clients-Finance.

A supporting feature is the ability to dedicate a fixed color to every company – making them easily recognizable in the dashboards at all times.

“Company groups” can be setup flexibly and with no limitations. One group is very likely “All companies”, while another group could be “Nordic”, “North America”, or similar. Simply choose the group in scope, when looking at the dashboards.


To facilitate consolidated reporting, you can now also activate one or two currencies, that can be used for cross company reporting. So-called “shared currencies”.

Shared currencies can also be used on the dashboards showing single companies – as a supplement to showing in base currency.


Once you’ve completed the configuration, make sure to give relevant users access to the dashboards.

If you are looking for something more simple, head over to: