Project.BI introduces AI

With the latest release of Project.BI you can now predict future revenue, client rate and other key metrics related to your clients.

AI and machine learning is already a big part of everyday life – helping us with boring tasks such as vacuuming and it makes our digital experience intelligent and customized to you specifically.

Project.BI’s AI uses machine learning, which enables you to make the right decisions in due time. Driven by the previous development of big data and complex algorithms – predicting how your data and hence business will evolve in the future.

With the release of Client predictions, we take the first step into an interesting world that will help our clients reduce their forecasting work and provide a valuable outlook.

AI & Machine learning

You can learn from the past, but not change it – you can however impact the future. But is Project.BI really a crystal ball that predicts the future? Of course not – as much as we would like it to, no one or nothing can predict the future. But the predictions powered by machine learning, gives you an indication of where your business is moving… And could be used for planning future initiatives, always ensuring you are one step ahead. Here’s a couple of scenarios where the predictions will come in handy.

Will Net revenue expectedly increase or decline over the next 12 months?

Do we need to hire or fire staff to match the predicted development?

When is the right time to invest – how will our cash balance develop?

Client predictions dashboard

From us all at Project.BI, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!