New dashboards released

Project.BI’s development team has been busy spitting out no less than 4 new dashboards during the last month. Make sure to check them out and provide access to relevant users.

The 4 dashboards are:

“Year over Year”

Check all your vital company metrics over a 5-year time span!

Naturally, you will not visit this dashboard every day, but maybe certain people expect you to know these numbers by heart? Or you need them for a strategy workshop?

“Client zoom”

When you want to know everything about a specific client – no questions unanswered!

Providing all details about performance, revenue (incl. ranking), resource usage and currently open jobs.


Your P/L converted to graphs and bars and answering every imaginable question!

  • What is current status vs. budget?
  • What are the monthly and yearly trends within each P/L category?
  • How are margins developing?
  • Are there any positive/negative cost trends that need attention?

“P/L forecast”

A variant of the P/L dashboard designed specifically for the purpose of providing the full year outlook!

Combining actuals and remaining finance budget (rolling forecast) and not least delivering a complete zoom on expected revenue for the remainder of the year.