Disrupting the outdated business model for BI and dashboards!

”Business Intelligence” and ”Dashboards” have been buzzwords for many years now. Appealing to everyone, but when it comes down to it, almost no one have it! How can that be? – your next question might be.

Because implementing Business Intelligence the old school way is quite demanding:

  • You need to design all the content and KPI’s yourself – from A-Z
  • External consultants are needed to understand data, retrieve them, shove them into a data warehouse, and finally setup the presentation layer
  • All right – back to designing again, now that you know more about the data
  • Extensive project management needed
  • And yes, as with all software projects, extensive testing needed during the entire process

See for instance these articles highlighting the challenges:

In other words: Business Intelligence projects are costly and come with a big risk of failure! In effect making it unavailable to most companies.

Knowing the value of dashboarding and Business Intelligence we believe this is an outright shame. Which is why Project.BI have set out to disrupt the outdated business model and deliver a plug-and-play suite of beautifully designed dashboards at an affordable price.

Naturally, this cannot be done across all types of companies and industries with the same suite of dashboards – we have chosen to focus on the needs of advertising agencies and similar project-driven businesses.

Hopefully, software developers out there will deliver standard dashboards to other industries – every company deserves to have up-to-date and professional reporting!

In the advertising industry, we are starting with delivering BI to Deltek WorkBook clients. Check out https://project.bi and get started with your free trial today!

If you are looking for something more simple, head over to: https://gosimplo.com/