What is Project.BI?

Business intelligence for project driven companies! It’s as simple as that – our mission is to provide the best insights to the advertising industry.

Our team has a background in ERP software and advertising. We have often wondered why you have so many great ways of inputting the data, while the output often lacks – it’s complex and confusing, disconnected and looks terrible. With that in mind, we have set off on a journey to deliver a plug-and-play business intelligence solution, that gives a cool and clear visual overview of your companies’ key metrics.

Business intelligence for Deltek WorkBook

Project.BI provides business intelligence to Deltek WorkBook and enables you to visualize reports with dashboards. It’s designed by industry experts, based on best practise reporting and build be tech savvy people. We have done all of the big thinking and hard work, so you can sit back and relax knowing you’re on top of your company’s KPIs.

Project.BI automatically fetches data from WorkBook, transforms it to your data warehouse and presents user friendly and awesome dashboards. It’s powerful business intelligence with a simple plug-and-play solution!

We help you crunch the big data in your WorkBook solution, that enables you to make the right decisions – on time! Project.BI saves you valuable time by not doing manual work in Excel, so you can focus on your core busines. And it boosts employee performance and reveals the truth about your clients and jobs.

Interested in our solution? Check out https://project.bi or send an email to sales@project.bi

We are super excited to finally announce that Project.BI is here!

If you are looking for something more simple, head over to: https://gosimplo.com/